Tues May 6, Day 44


Not much else, just bored.

Not hungry


In my mind I don't see how food could take the edge off the boredom. But somehow I seem convinced that it would.

I had read from other feasters that it gets difficult around day 40.
Maybe this is what they mean.

This has not been a successful fast/feast.

My goals have not been accomplished. And I'm feeling somewhat like a failure.

I am realizing, somehow in a completely different light how much my successes depend on me.
And the ability to rely on God inside me.

If nothing else, ever, I want to learn how to succeed in that.

I'm looking at my old questions finding new answers. But not liking what I'm coming up with.

The common denominator is me.


yesterday was a good morning as far as protocol goes.

Started with lemon juice and water. Big glass of green glory.Spent 15 minutes on rebounder.
Dry skin brush, and contrast bath... all before work...

Love being able to get up early and spend that time.
Wish I could do it more often.

Evening last night got some weight work done and pilates.

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