Saturday Aug 23~ THE PLAN DEFINED

This is the plan....

It is something I have taken several swings at over the years.

It has been put together out of several well trusted sources and when I manage to walk well in it... I am well.

65 day juice fast has come and gone.
And as much of a wonderful holiday as a juice fast is for a food- addicted, compulsive overeating, exbulemic, it is not a real place to live.

One still needs to learn how to eat.

To eat with excellence and intelligence.

I will not tell you specifically what Iam eating because my plan is not your plan.

I have foods that are a specific challenge to me.

Thru the years, I have studied what is good for me.

What works well with my body. What gives me strength, what gives me health. What heals.

These are the foods I choose to eat.

I also know what foods bring me disaster and why.

I have learnt my trigger foods the hard way.

The plan is also very quantity specific.

How much and how often.

Again, I will not tell you my how much and how often because my plan is not your plan.

But recovery for an out of control compulsive over eater is control.

That means learning those hard word "put it back... I said NO!!!!"

Closing that fridge door and walking away.

Many, many of you know what I am talking about.

If you really must know my details, email me. I could explain further.

But some things remain the universal for all of us.

The disciplines.

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