The Mechanics~ no need to Pass My Shotgun anymore

pssttt..... gather round.....

I have a secret...and a confession....


I don't get PMS!!!

(oppps... sorry boys, close your eyes)

but its true....
I use to be a monster.
Cramps, headache, backaches
moods swings, RAVENOUS appetite,
(if it wasn't nailed down, down the gullet it went)

but now Auntie Flo arrives very much unannounced and is quick to leave
I average a 2 day cycle with 2 liners...

yes... I said LINERS
(please don't throw that)

I must admit it is quite heavenly compared to the hell I lived thru for years.
Long gone are the days of laying in bed and hot pads.

Just another perk of going CLEAN AND GREEN folks~~~
Get rid of that cr@p and your body LOVES YOU BACK!!!

The only indication that TOM was sneaking up this month was a little attack of the munchies last night...
(this is the confession part)

Last night I polished off two big ole bowls of popcorn.
My special recipe?
Air popped and swirled with some hemp oil and organic herbs....
nummy,nummy, nummy.....

A far cry from binges of bowls of Rice Krispies and pans of cinnamon bun of days past


Alright so back on track and very green today,
feeling much more in control.

Juicing lots of kale, spinach, beets, parsley, cilantro, carrots.
Managed 3- 20 minute sessions on the rebounder
1 hour of yoga for my poor,poor back
and a sweat bath and colon cleanse.

With Dearly Beloved home, things have been really whacked.
to be honest (confession #2)
I almost quit on me...

But I have re-grouped and re focused...

but you'll need to "tune in next time" to hear that one,

Right now, I have a boy all tucked in and waiting for his kiss...


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