How I Found More Hours in My Days

Or maybe that should be daze?!?!?!

Regardless, I am pondering it as a title for a new book. What do you think?

Catchy? Intriguing? Did I captivate you?

As” infomercial” as it may sound, I think I may have found it. Or, at least, a part of the puzzle.

But first, let me share real quick what I’ve been up to and how I need more hours in my day.

Your Natural Food Coach is having a big awkward growth spurt.

Yes, I feel like I’m 13 again.

If you’ve popped by the blog lately you will notice a change. Its been gutted. A lot of soul searching (actually it didn’t take too much time at all)

I realized a self-indulgent blog about my crazy life would interest no one.

It’s just not that interesting.

So besides some glichy layout changes, it is really now YOUR Natural Food Coach. It is being redesigned into something that you can contribute to and grow from.

I absolutely invite you all to pop by, read and share. There are many of you out there in the medical profession; your opinions are very appreciated.
There are many moms and grammas who have home remedies that work, please share them.

Many of you are walking the road out of sickness and disease. Let us walk with you.

Also, to take a moment, I want to THANK YOU all so much for the awesome response to my questionnaire. Yes, I have learned my lesson and it will not be so long next time!
But if you still want your say, Yes! Please! Still submit them.

I would love to know your thoughts!

It helps me create a site useful for you!

Now zip past the blog and Ta DaH... Pop over to www.naturalfoodcoach.com and take a look.

Still some fine touches to put on but much better don’t ya think?
Phew, she says as she wipes her brow…. All in one month!

Now please bear with me, and remember all these changes are not so simple (as I am learning the hard way) they take hours of screaming at the computer screen for not doing what its told and reading my mind.

I mean REALLY!

Who would have thought that adding one little email gadget would take 3 days!!

Anyone who works with computers, raise your hand…

Which brings me back to my book title. “How I found more hours in my day.”
I’m a single mom. I work full time and take nutrition clients on the side. Somewhere inbetween 2 teenage girls updating their FACEBOOK and a boy who needs to practice his spelling words, I sneak on the computer and try to save the world one colon at a time with 4 blogs and one site.

When I’m not blathering on a blog, I am meathodically extracting the 3 books lodged in my cranium. All inbetween the laundry, dishes, car-pooling to volleyball practice, yard work, mass appliance breakdowns, da, da,da, do, do, do...

I spend a lot of nights close to tears. I don’t say this to play on your pity, because I know your world looks very much the same, if not worse.

But I found a secret. And that, my dears, is what I want to impart to you.

A secret discovery from my crazy world to yours.


¨ Gingerroot,

¨ Baking Soda

¨ Apple Cider Vinegar.

¨ Epsom Salts

Fill a bath with hot water, and add. No measurements just pour. The more the better.

WAIT~ Don’t laugh just yet!

This is the absolute truth. On the days when I did not take the time and make myself a hot sweaty bath, are the days I train-wrecked.

It seems that in those baths, magic happens.

I slow down. I pray. I sing. I take time to let the God of the Universe readjusts my priorities and my stinkin thinkin.

I take the time to seek first the things that matter, and lay myself, my agenda, to the side.

It is in those very Holy 20 minutes, everything in the spirit around me changes. Creative thoughts begin to flow. Peace settles. The panic leaves. I get filled with a love of life that does not come from me.

I emerge from my watery sanctuary refocused and on fire.

Its amazing, night after night, things flow smoothly.

I have seen more pieces of the puzzle fall into place quickly when I take the time to be still.

What was once striving becomes effortless.

So take that for what its worth.

I know, for me, it has added up to countless hours of prosperous production!

It’s more wonderful proof of the ageless spiritual principal of “sowing and reaping”.

It goes contrary to all our natural understanding but if you need time you sow time! It works.

Please have my blessings to forward this to whomever may be on your heart.


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