Defining the Heart Break

Unfortunately many of us are introduced to heart disease the hard way, suddenly, with a shock. The shock may involve a friend, family, co-worker or maybe even yourself.

Maybe the shock found you sitting in your doctor’s office hearing words that were, once upon a time, just generic terms. Long, dark, words like “coronary artery disease”, or “arteriosclerosis”.
Maybe the shock came when you found yourself laying in a hospital bed.

Now all those words that we’ve been overhearing in news reports, TV commercials, and coffee shops step into a new place of reality for us.

Heart disease is the number one killer of Canadians. Stealing the life of one Canadian every 7 minutes.
But the greatest heartbreak of this killer is the preventability. Over 80% of cases are preventable.

Yes, Nutritional Health offers real help for those wanting protection against heart disease. It also offers real help to reverse heart disease.

Over the next few weeks we will put some very substantial tools into your hands, simple solutions that make sense.

But first, I wanted to get a clearer understanding of what we are talking about.

Although, heart disease (also referred to as cardiac disease) is a term we hear alot, it actually is not a specific condition at all.

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