Friday, March 28, 2008

Well, day 5 was bumpy.

I don’t know if it’s the fast, or still getting use to the 10 days of work with only one day off thing…..

Probably everything.

About 2 pm, a few unpleasant situations at work, and that was it.. the bottom fell out.

Got tired, drained. Very very sad….

The logical part of me, the part that’s been here done that, reminds myself its just detox and the fact that there has been no BM

The over indulgent emotional side of me, just wants to cry, eat and have a glass of wine, and cry some more.

But experience has proven over and over that nonee of that helps.

No fresh juice today. Just blue green glory and can of coconut milk. But I will not go longer without.

The fresh stuff is absolute life. I am still amazed at how it turns everything around.

Am permitting myself a glass of wine, and a lazy night on the couch. I'm sure I’ll pay for it later.

Wine on an empty stomach is not good. So not detoxing.

Oooo…. Did I mention the 3 cups of coffee??? Hmm…. I usually have no more than one. I wonder how much that contributed to the meltdown??

So… to sum it up…. Too much coffee plus no sleep plus emotional stress plus sluggish colon plus no living food EQUALS one waste of a day.

Had some coconut oil… maybe 2- 3 tbs…. I know it was completely out of emotional eating…..

But other than that…. Still fasting/feasting…..

I guess that in itself is a victory!!!

Not to many years ago, I would have been in a full fleged binge and possible purge cycle, by now….

Thank you God for victories…

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