Day 4~Thursday, March 27

Wowie!! Can you believe it!! Day 4, and not a problem!!

Usually by this time, I have cheated and then tried to lie to myself about it like I didn’t see a thing.

But I can look myself straight in the eye, and give myself a big HIGH FIVE!!!!

Determined to make this a profitable fast/ feast. My spirit is already soaring, as if some earthly fleshy chain has been broken.

I had such a wonderful encounter with God today at work; I almost broke down in tears at my desk.

It was like HE just come up and pounced on me with all HIS love.

I keep reminding myself “what if… what if…” Not that God moves because of the fast or anything we do to impress Him, but because it seems I have place myself in a better position to hear.

So many decisions to make. Incredible opportunities opening up even in the past 2 days.

Was up by 5:30 this morning. Made it to the couch for my program… but alas, snoozing by 5:45.

Next week…..

Morning was a quick blue green glory (as I have named my spirulina, grasses, photoplankton concoction)

One cup of organic coffee, and 1.5 litres of water with chlorophyl, photoplankton and aloe vera.

Quick stop by the store and home to make big jug of beet, yam, celery, romaine, spinache, apple, parsley, swiss chard, pineapple juice.

mmmm……. Was a good as it sounds ;-)

Today wasn’t without temptation, did have an awesome urge to dive into the peanut butter. Mostly stress craving. Came home battling discouragement and doubt.

But hung, headed to the bath ( ACV, epsoms, baking soda) and all is good now.

I am learning it really is about riding it out, talking yourself down, and choosing. I have walked the road of failure and defeat so many time. I know where it leads.

And I know I am the only one that will make me make the detour…..

I keep hearing the voice of Charles Capps in my head… “ time to preach what I’ve practiced”

Forgot to mention I have taken about 1 TB of coconut oil almost every day. Juicefeast.com mentioned it being a good idea, and it seems to satisfy the want of something creamy on my palate.

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