Day 1~March 24~ Monday

Well, here we are… day after Easter Sunday, chocked and bunnied to death.

The verge of a new step once again…

Its been about 4 years since I have endeavored anything longer than a couple weeks juice fast.

This goal… Right till Pentecost.

Now 50 days sounds long, even to me, and I recommend nothing more than 30 days usually.

But after spending a lot of time on http://www.juicefeasting.com/, I admit… I became intrigued….

The juice feast is exactly that… a feast. They recommend upwards to 4 quarts of fresh juice a day.

With all those nutrients afloat, sounds hardly dangerous or deteriorating.

Sounds like life and victory. Sound like freedom.

I find myself asking…”I wonder what if???”

So.. here we are, day one of “what if”

This is a two-fold fast, one to conquer, the other to be conquered.

To conquor the monster within, the flesh, the compulsions, the food addictions, those demons that chase me.

And to be conquered by the love and grace of God in a way I have never known.

In the natural health world, we talk much about the healing physical benefits of the fast, but forget to the spiritual.

People fast to set themselves apart to seek God. For answers, for directions, for assurance, for miracles.

I need them all.

Day 1 started swimmingly; big glass of orange juice, spiriulina, and dry wheat & barley grass.

Rog did “treat” us all to a Starbucks” coffee at the store. Yup, not a big help to the detox, but I figure I will work a little slowly at removing the coffee right now.

Got a liter of water drank so far, working on #2.

Didn’t get till juicing till about 6:30 pm…. Beets, celery, carrots, apples, yams…. A good start.

How wonderful the effect of fresh juice. Just one glass and any edge of hunger is gone, I feel energy and focus. Phew.. day one out of the way.

I have another glass of juice left. That will be it for tonite.

Perhaps Ill end the day with more lemon juice, spiriulina, and grasses. They are all powdered, so easy to mix.

I’m thinking if I can re nourish every hour thru out the day, I should stay steady.

I found from previous fasts that I can usually talk myself into subduing my fleshy hungers for an hour, when I need to, but can’t gaurentee much co-operation after that.

Ending the day with a dry skin brush, Epsom salt and baking soda bath.

20 minutes on the ski machine.

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