March 25, Tuesday

Well I can’t wait for my morning to be full of energy and restedness.

Dragging my butt up this morning was murder.

I accomplished half my plan; I was up by 5:30 to watch my programing.

Unfortunately, watching programing via ski machine didn’t happen. Just a Jo blob on the couch.

Not even going to mention the grandee hope of early morning yoga, juicing, journalling and devotions.


How is it that you can be your own worst enemy? The things I so want to do, when push comes to shove, I convince myself of the lamest excuses.

Regardless, went back to bed, and was up just in time to herd kids out door to the bus, then scamper off to work myself.

Did have time for 2 glasses of spirulina mix (1 tb of blue/green spirulina, 1 TB of wheat/ barley grasses, 1 dropper of photoplankton in orange juice or lemon and stevia)

At work~ only one coffee… organic and black

Got 3 litres of water in. For nutrients, I add several droppers of photoplankton and a big blob of pure aloe vera.

Home by 6:30… 3 more glasses of my blue green glory..

No hunger,no BM’s…. senna tea is brewing!

20 minutes on the ski machine

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