Day 7~ Sunday, March 30

Day 7 turned out to be a day of temptation and questioning….

Why am I doing this??

Does it really matter?

Will one bite hurt?

I knew this day would come… it always does…. It is a day of decision.

Do I fall like so often, or do I push in just a bit more and find victory and a view from a place I have never done.

Why am I doing this???

  1. I want to preach what I practice! As a consultant I want to have walked the road before you all, so I can

stand at the end of the path and yell “CUMMON CUMMON!!!! ITS AMAZING OVER HERE!”

  1. I have done both long and short fasts in the past, and I KNOW its amazing over there. For cleansing, for focusing,

for that new level place of wellness and strength.

  1. I have 3 physical ailments/conditions in my body that I believe this will clear up.
  2. I still have several lingering relational problems with food that I pray this will make me reassess and free me from.
  3. Most importantly, as a Christian believer, I also know the spiritual benefits of the fast. I need miracles and I need some things to”break”

In my life.I want more of God. I have several cross roads in my life that I need His direction and voice on.

I want to hear His voice,know His path, and serve Him with every aspect of my life. I am praying this fast will diminish “me”

So there is more of Him in my life.

So day of temptation is over… victoriously…. Phew……

I need to remind myself why I am doing this. Realize all my tricks I play on myself. And call my own bluff.

All that food will be there in a few days. No worse for wear.

I push in and remind myself of my core question….


Anyways, todays stats so far look like this…

Drinking lots of blue/green glory, some Wu Long tea, senna tea. (BM’s starting to move with help of senna and yesterdays

enema), organic tomato juice (purchased) with Tabasco, 2 liters of water with aloe, chlorophyll or ACV added

Awesome day outside. Snowed 4 inches last night, so entire afternoon was spent building forts

and snow men… lots of wonderful deep oxygenating breathing. So awesome.

Dry skin brush with contrast shower.

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