March 31, Monday~ Day 8

Well that peanut butter was looking pretty good today.

It usally is my weakness. And today it was yelling my name.

But victory…. I know my own tricks by now….. back of the fridge with ya, Mr PB.

In moments like that I usally make myself a deal… if I am absolutely convinced that eating that temptation is the best thing for me,

I give myself permission. But in an hour. And only if I have drunk another liter of water.

Usually by then the fancy passes….

Big ole jug of carrot, beet, yam, spinach, apple, orange, celery juice.

2 or 3 glasses of blue green glory and some organic tomato juice (boughten not fresh) with tabasco.

Seeing a wonderful move of God in the life of someone. Almost like a softening of a hard heart and pride.

Very thankful

Off too a baking soda, ACV bath

Dry skinbrush 2x.

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