April 17~ Day 25 HALF WAY!

I am so thankful for the grace that has been given me.

If the next 25 days goes like the last 25 days it will be an amazing adventure.

My heart is what is going thru the biggest detox.

Last night was hard. Emotions runamuck. Sad, discouraged.

But then I ask myself that faithful question...


It seems I battle moment by moment with every thought.

Is it one I want to own? Who was the author of that jumble of thoughts and emotions.

Its a constant bombardment, continuous labor.

I have to stand alone within myself and by myself for my decisions and my choices.

Thank God for His ever loving presence. Even when all leave, theres that something deep inside that just knows that it knows...
this is the right path.

Keep searching, keep sifting yourself Jo. Continue to transform to a higher place and a higher power.

Things are possible.

Passed on the birthday cake last night. Not a problem. I know too much about what all is in that stuff.

Today, lots of seed mylk, blue/green glory & beet, yam, carrot, apple, spinach juice.

Started supplimenting with bee pollen. Yummy....

Also started adding benntonite clay to some of my water.
Excellent cleansing properties.

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