April 19, Saturday, Day 27

Having morning troubles. I'm wide awake by 6, but troubles getting the lazy butt out of the bed to face the day. Needing an attitude/ altitude adjustment.

Flesh is willing, but the spirit is weak. Go figure. Only Jo could get that one all back wards.

Been a hard week. Dad is institutionalized now. I'm dealing with that in a stranger way than I thought.

Didn't oil pull this morning. It claims to whiten teeth, and it certainly does. The only problem is the cap on my front tooth which use to match in color does not anymore.

Slight headache still continues.
Still having the odd cup of coffee. Needing to just bite the bullet and go without for a few weeks and see how that works. Funny how habits control us, I'm not really caring for the taste of coffee anymore, but still when asked "coffee, please" is the first thing that comes out of my mouth.

I read an interesting article on reprograming habits. I think I need to dig that out. There are so many areas in my life where I could be more productive and prosperous if my flesh didn't rule so much.

Drinking lots of blue/green glory. Some juice, but seem to be running out of time in the evening.

http://www.juicefeast.com/ suggests complimenting with coconut oil and bee pollen. I have been adding half a spoon of unpasturized honey and cinnamon and flaxseed as well. It is absolutely delicious.

No time lately for detox baths, but still dry skin brushing and contrast showers everymorning.

Red wax when I clean my ears again this morning.
I know there is something in my head (better than nothing in my head!!) that still has not moved. Nasal mucous is a horrid color and chunky (maybe that means something is moving), right sinus is still slightly painful and still releasing mucous down my throat.
Really wanting to see this clear up and break.

Left knee which I have always had trouble with, is in slight discomfort this morning.

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