April 3, day 11

Funny how saying "no", seems so simple, yet a most daunting task.Just think about it.

You know you don’t want it. You know its no good for you, and will not help you accomplish your goals.

Yet still, you try every angle to think around yourself. You try to come up with the craziest excuses, excuses that you know are ridiculous, but yet you convince yourself of it.
What is that??? I mean, think about it. What is the logic behind that entire escapade?
I’m almost wondering if one answers that… you’ve got it made.
Just say no…. such a simple little jingle.


There Jo, easy as that….. beat that one into your brain. No need to think about the answer.
You know the answer. Don’t even consider it.. its no.Well, I have decided to start a wish list.The theory has proven well before.
Every now and again, (ok, more now than again) on my fast I get crazy notions of food that I can’t live without and would do anything to nibble RIGHT NOW!!

Funniest part is, usually, they are items, I most likely would never nibble on a bad day.
Some are not, sometimes I am making dinner for the kids, and I think… Hmmm… Mr cucumber… looking good…
But usually not.I have actually found that one of the funnest parts of the fast, are the things I find myself thinking about…
Hence the “wish list”I would make myself a special page on which I write all the things I would like to be eating right now, but that big ole’ meanie, Joanne won’t let me.I promise myself when I am released from this sentence, I will eat it all without guilt.
As you can guess, it doesn’t happen.I think it must be that same weird part of the brain that has the trouble with no….it really seems to have the consistency of silly putty… twisting and turning, mailable and easy to form into anything….

My heart is huge and bursting tonite with dreams and goals… The book that is secretly stuck away comes out and takes shape page by page. It pokes out its little thoughts as if it wants to play.Write a book! Me!
Who ever would have dreamed. Only God is able.

Read an absolutely wonderful book on prayerful fasting and the power it wields in the spirit realm last nite.
It encouraged me to write 10 goal of my fast. 10 things I would like to see changed, moved by God’s hand.#6 already answered.
Just walked thru the door at work around 5 pm. Ya God…. Not even 24 hours.Cant wait to see what tomorrow brings.
Too lazy to juice. Not sure what I’ll do when my 50 lbs of spirulina runs out!!
No hunger. 3 liters of water.One organic coffee….. (ya… I know….)

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