April 2, day 10

Really starting to love the hemp/seed mylk. It’s working good in the mornings when I don’t have time to juice.

I soak the hemp/ sunflower/pumpkin/salba (or whatever combo I have) the night before. It gives the seeds time to germinate

And develop that life and enzymes. In the morning, I blend with some organic dates and/or stevia… voila!!

Keeps me going all day at work.

I am finding juicing is easier as well, if I get all my veggies ready the night before. I soak them all in hydrogen peroxide water, and have them sitting together

in a bowl. When I get home, half the job is done.

Big jug of beet, zuchinni, cuc, apple, and romaine today.. Better than I thought. Add apple and anything tastes good.

Also about 4 glasses of blue green glory

Dry skin brush and wonderful detox bath of epsom, soda and ginger root.

Ennema is still removing debris.

Not much else to add, been pretty smooth the past couple days.

Been thinking about a few ways to up the temperature of the detox, but then I remind myself that this one is a long haul

So I’ll just stay at this pace for a while.

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