Friday, April 4

Breakfast~ 3 big glasses of seed mylk (hemp, salba, pumpkin, sunflower)
Ughhhh..... so full its almost unbareable....
gotta love that...

Been waking up early, feeling rested. Last night was a later night but morning seemed to go without a hitch.
YA!!! That is the moment I've been waiting for.

Still find myself laying in bed, arguing about whatever I should be doing awake so early, but, I guess thats more a mind programing issue.

I realizing the body re-programs pretty easily, but that stinkin thinking is more the problem.

Loving my day job. Almost feeling like the reason I have it (one among the many) is to actually get some "me" time in.

I guess all mommies know how hard it is to find a minute for yourself, but at work, I can steal away for my coffee breaks, lunches and 15 minutes before store opening to read,pray and refocus.

I am so thankful.

Dry skin brush and contrast shower this morning. Excellent for detoxing and opening up the lymph. Feels wonderful, very addictive. Would love to start every morning like this.

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