Monday April 14 day 22

Good day... not so much to ramble...
lots of blue green glory, and veggie broth.
Just back from the store with lots of veggies to juice tonight. Cucs, spinach, carrots, yam, beets...
cant wait for the dandilions to start peeking up.. should be soon...

Focus is good today. My thoughts and words are consistent. I am more than a conqueror.

10 minutes on the ski machine...ouch... setting was way to tight
20 minutes pilates
15 minutes free weights.
and best of all.... drum roll.... the kids set the trampoline up on the weekend!!
Woo hoo!!! Got to spend 15 minutes on the tramp (pooped)
I bounced the leg off my rebounder a few months ago and have been missing it terribly.

Dry skin brushing with contrast shower.
Dr Millers is working good. Wonderful to have a fresh supply....
Constant headache is starting to clear.

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