Day 21, Sunday April 13

pot luck at church today.
Not a problem.
After about 3 days, the body shuts down all hunger.
So encouraged regarding things breaking in the spirit with this fast.
I saw something change very much in the countenace of dad.
Very bad night saturday night, attacks on all fronts.
Many under influence.

BUt He has the victory.
I am so encouraged.

This about the time of the fast that things start to get revved up.
I am so excited.

Water only fast last night for situations at home.

Today, blue/green glory, fresh orange apple juice, soup broth.

Coconut oil and honey with some flax seed for fiber.

24 days to go... almost half way there.

Head ache still lingers...
The odd random pimple in strange places.

Still oilpulling at least once a day if not twice.
Dry skin brushing 2x per day.

Finally got my order Dr Miller's Holy Tea. Should have enough to drink daily until the fast/feast is over.

20 minutes of pilates.

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