Wends. April 30~ IS SHE RAMBLING STILL?!?!?!?

Thinking about the cleansing concept.
In our health we cleanse, release the crap, thru fasting, herbs, teas or various other avenues.

Feeling refreshed, refocused, and energized from our new "cleanliness" we commit to never letting ourselves get back to that place of dis-ease again.
We declare, that no toxic, processed waste and chemicals will enter our bods again!!

Then of course, there is that last step!
We MUST re nourish!!
Certainly, we don't want our cells and tissues to remain just the same.
Clean or not!! We want more!

We know it takes 7 to 10 times more nutrients to rebuild then it does to maintain.
So we juice, supplement, and devour everything green, organic and raw we can get our hands on.
Food from the very hand of Nature Himself, brilliantly designed to fit the body it was made for.
All to patiently, methodically and purposely rebuild ourselves into a strong, vibrant, optimum new us!! WOO HOO!!

Illness and disease are defeated!
Our internal terrain is prime for optimum health!

But what, do I dare ask, of our spirits???
Those deep dark, seldom searched, more seldom exposed hearts??

We begin to suffer from dis-ease in the spirit.
Symptoms plaque us, so, begrudgingly, we look at the need to cleanse.
We take the BIG step... ouch... but, we do it.
Crud in our hearts release, little by little. We pass this stuff out.
Ugly, but gone... Phew......

We commit to never go back there again.
Horrid thoughts, judgments, jealousies, offenses, darkness.... NO NOT US!!!
We are detoxed now. No more toxic, worldly soul food for us!

But what of that last step?? Do we re nourish?
Do we consume pure, heavenly, organic manna?
Spirit food, made and perfectly designed for the need of the vessel it was going to enter?
And if we do, how much more to we take?
Snippets, morsels, just a taste?

REMEMBER...... 7 to 10 more to rebuild instead of just maintain.....

Who really wants to stay at a place of maintaining, raise your hands.....

Nope, not this Chickie, either.....

One thing I have learned thru this journey about my flesh is this.....

I can cleanse.... I've moved alot of toxins this past month.
But on the days, I don't have that fresh, beautiful, life-giving juice, I get empty. Not necessarily "hungry" but needing "something"...

On days that I didn't juice, but had some quicker, less suitable substitute, the pull and desire became louder.
Something needed to fill my tissues.
My being was crying intrinsically out for SOMETHING!!!! Something LIVING!!

What was I going to give it?

There were fast days when I had no "me" time.
Little accessable time to pray, sing, dance, or just be still.
I found I became empty and hungry.
My spirit was intrinsically crying out for something to fill its cells.
To rebuild into something better, something stronger. Something it was designed to be.
Not just a place of maintenance or complacent sustaining.


Would I settle for something less suitable? Maybe something from a can or processed from the world that may "appear" like natural spirit food? It may do for a day or two, but sooner or later, I become weaker and the ideas of quiting become louder.

The temptation is strong. Don't ever doubt that. And it is hard, at times.

Its so much easier to take something quick then to do all that work and investment of the real "juice". But never, never is it or will it be an acceptable substitute for the Real Thing.

I'm determined to go there. To the real source of juice...
I am becoming something forever different and better...
Brand new, inside and out.....

please, join me....

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