Wends April 30, continued rambles....

Funny how the fast/feast will take a life of its own.

You spend so much time thinking, planning how you are going to dictate it. Control it.
Use it. It will be your tool. Your servant. It will do things for you. At your beck and call.
You have your list. The accomplishments after the fact will look like this and such.

Ah... but no says the fast. It does not belong to me.
I become the tool. I become the servant. The feast begins to tell you how things will go, what the order is to look like. You become the accomplishment after the fact.

The feast becomes the mirror. I see more and more the things that need to fall away.
I see more and more, the things that need to become closer.

I see my compromises. I see my lies exposed before me.
If I am going to live with in myself, with myself I must look hard and not flinch.

I see what is possible and it fills me with such awe.

This is such an amazing adventure. I am so thankful.
There is still so much more to do.
Further up and further in.

22 more days...

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