Saturday, May 10~ Day 48

You are now looking at the offical distributer for Reboundaire Rebounders!

Ya me!

I am absolutely truly excited beyond belief!

I will recieve my new half-fold rebounder on Wednesday. And jump my way to health....
(wow... did that ever sound corney....)

I have been rebounding for years, and immensely LOVE IT!!!!
To have a decent rebounder has been a dream for a while. It was a bit of an investment, I had whooed and hawed about for a while.... decided to bite the bullet and go for it.

Truth be known there is a boy here I know who has a broken back. It is on my heart to introduce him to rebounding and see what kind of results we get.
The reports on rebounding and back injuries are mind boggling. Drastic cellular improvement.

So the juicing situation is this....

Tommorrow I am expected over at Mom's for dinner. Sigh..... expecting a mostly toxic, processed dinner. Not the way I was hoping to break a fast.
And I am quite unsettled about how my body will react to this food in particular.

I am hoping to bring a salad and to stick to that.

I have been increasing my flax seed intake for fiber over the past few days so my gutt will be awake enough to respond to food again. I do have monday off as well, in case all does not sit well.

I ate 2 oranges this morning.

But this is my heart. I would like to continue this feast. I am having such wonderful results and an awesome journey.

Perhaps, this little break tommorrow will be an excellent time to re-evaluate and restructure.

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