this is my newsletter due out later this month...
all day my heart has been filling with a challenge greater than a 49 day juice fast.
It will be revolutionary to Jo.
If she can do it.....

You are what you eat.
To build muscle you have to use muscle.
There are only 24 hours in the day.
These , as far as I have figured, are irrefutable rules.
Laws that I spent endless amounts of time, trying to dance around.
Trying to find some loop hole, fine print, subclause, anything that would exempt me from the rule.
And hopefully, the rule's consequence when broken.
I've never found the short cut.
A couple months ago, I challenged you to be accountable.
To share your dreams, and challenges and let someone in.
I invited you into my juicing journey.
I can say I did it. I loved it. It was a journey well took. But it hasn't solved my problems. It wasn't a magic cure. It was like a mirror to more that needs to go.
Its taken years for us to become what we are.
And a body, its health and habits take time to rebuild.
Layer upon layer, step by step, we heal and transform
And it takes work. Ouch....
The word that keeps coming up now is discipline.
No one will do this for us. Period.
We must conquor our own bad habits.
Hours in the day? Are we productive? Who will get the most out of them for us if we don't.
Eat like you want to live? No one will ever jump across the table and snatch the fork from your hand before it reaches your mouth.
Hit the gym in the morning? Oh, Jo... please don't start with that....
Please believe me, folks, if anyone wants an easier way. Its moi!!
If anyone wants it all magically done, the results showing, the accomplishments accomplished and the rewards savoured its me!
But it just isn't so.
We alone do this for ourselves.
What do you want your world to look like really?
Here are two more immovable laws.
Whatsoever a man sows that and only that will he reap.
Whatever you so to the flesh, you reap in the flesh.
Whatever you sow to the spirit you reap in the spirit.
I' will be continuing my juicing blog.
It is a journey in progress.
Somehow, now I feel the work will really begin, however.
No more nonsense.
I know the results I seek.
Only I can do my work. Only you can do your work.
And we only have only ourselves to blame, if we don't arrive at all we could have achieved.

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