Cabbage, carrot and tomato juice. Very full.
Tastes so much like borscht.
Dry skin brush, rebound, and sitz bath to draw toxins and disease.

The many events of the past few weeks have made me sit down and start to write.

The book has always been close to the surface, and I hope that by the end of this fast, it will have form. Its words have challenged my life for a year since it was dropped in my heart.
Somehow I seem like the biggest failure to write it.
But it is what I know I need to do

If it would touch just one person.

All I know is I must never wonder what if.

BLESS must be writ.

I must do this journey.

The road appears long.

But never, ever, turn your back on the journey.
Never ever, turn your back on the work.
No matter how much blood, sweat and tear it may cost you.

What you gain is everything.
Or you will always wonder "what if"


Do the work, reach for the prize.
Stop talking about it and reach for it.
Its yours.
It could all be yours
Walk in faith. God is close.

Don't quit.

It could all be ours

Never be scared of the journey before you.
Always better if you can walk it with someone.

But it seems some of us are forced to walk it alone.

That is why I write.

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