Wednesday June 11~ Second Sowing day 3

what an amazing time.

How can 3 days accomplish more than the previous 55 day fast.

I believe my heart is different.
It is committed. It is expectant.
It is desperate.

Such a perfect, perfect day, in so many ways.
Tonite I go to bed with singing, no longer tears.

I will never begin to express my gratitude and love.


It is overwhelming.
It is all encompassing.

I have never felt such an immense love like this before for someone.

Love does truly cover over a multitude of sins.
It really is the goodness of God that brings us to repentance.

I had been emptied out, but now I am full.


Morning started at 5 am.
Wide awake. Just as I had been asking for the past couple months.
Contrast shower, and time on the rebounder.

Drinking lots of coconut mylk, and broth, bluegreen glory as I called it (spirulina, chlorella, photoplankton and barley greens)

2 skin brushings, and ACV colon cleanse.
The colon cleanse made such a difference with mood and tude...
Felt depression and discouragement sneaking in.
Once the toxic debris moved out, the attitude changed dramatically.

I can't help but think of so many folks wrestle daily with depression, but have no idea how closely linked it may be to toxic build up.


Sat down to write BLESS

one chapter done. YAH~

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