Second sowing ~day 1~ June 9, 2008 Monday

Raw and juicing.

Mostly juicing.

Soon to be all juicing.

Juicing takes away the pain. The excruciating pain.

Hard to feel like vomiting when your belly's empty.

Faced with a really hard choice.

My head throbs. I don't understand. My eyes hurt. I can't see.
Everything swirls.
God it hurts so much.

But there is a choice to be made at this point.

Today I lay before you life or death.
Choose life.
Deuteronomy 30:15

I choose life.
Life to my spirit.
Life to the dreams and visions God has placed in my heart.
They cannot/will not be stolen from me.

Satan is exposed. Light is shone

I choose life.

So many questions that may never be answered.
I don't understand.......
God I would give anything to understand.../

and yet somehow I do.

Only Jesus can set you free from your pain. For whoever the son sets free is free indeed.
I wish I could have seen it. I wished I could have walked it with you.

I would have walked it for you.

I wish.....

The fast brings us back to that place.
The truth.
We are here for such a sort season.
And for such a time as this.
And for such a heavenly purpose.

How can I stay in my own pain, when so many others hurt.
When so many are dying lost inside tonite.
So many broken hearts. Screaming, aching....

Who am I, that mine would matter.
My dreams, my loves....

This fast is for you.
Please shake off the chains that so easy beset and run the race.

The fast, removes the disease. The toxins. The poisons. The cancer inside.
So fresh flesh can grow.
Health will start.
Life will start.
New, perfect life.

If you want life. Either physically or spiritually, there is no difference.

Three things you must do.

First, remove the crap. It is all poison.
It will kill you. There is no doubt on that.
Slowly from the inside out. So stealthily that you will never see it coming, until one day it all crashes in.

The fast will do the cleansing for the flesh.
God will do that for both.

You must choose the fast.
You must choose the Christ.

Second, you must fill the body with life.
Fresh, living, nutritious life.
The juice will do that for the flesh.
The Christ will do that for both.
The living word of God, designed to be the soul (and sole) food for the spirit man.

Dont look anywhere else.
Sex, drugs, drink, money....
Anger, offense, pain, regret, jealousy, bitterness..

it is all poison.

it feeds the emptiness.

Please stop and get on your knees, now and here with me, and ask Jesus to fill you.

He will.

He will meet you right where you are at, right now.

Because He has met me here tonite.

He will never leave us or forsake us, for we are His.

And I am thankful.

For one more night, I will be able to sleep.
For one more morning, I will be able to get up.

His mercies are new every morning.

I have been given the first step....

sow again...

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