Tuesday May 3, 2008

For those who don't understand the point of another fast.

Let me explain it from 2 angles.

First nutritionally..

There is probably nothing more powerful than a fast.

Within the first 3 days, the body turns and begins to destroy and devour its dead, dying and diseased tissue.

With the nutrients in the juice. It rebuilds. With higher quality of building materials, the structure becomes stronger, more resilient, more effective.

There is never a one-time solution.

It has taken 40 years to get where I am. Health comes in time. In layers.
Each endeavor, you go further up and further in.
Giving yourself opportunity to recreate brick by brick.

Every endeavor, giving your body to release the build-up and crazy that has been eating away at your life.

Dis-ease is still in my members. I want it all gone.

I want to really know what would happen if I commit myself to this and press in.

I want to be able to speak hope and life into others.

Whats a few more days?

Life is simple on juice.

It feels right. My body reacts right. It is the right thing to do at this time.

I have no one else to contend with.
My life is alone and it interferes with no one.

What a wonderful opportunity.

There is a second side to this coin.

The commission.
The call.. the dream, drive... whatever you want to refer to it.

It is bigger inside me than anything else.

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