Friday, Aug 22 ~ THE STORY

Good Morning!!

It tis! It tis!!!

Was up early, as per sheduled and got the work out it.

So far eating is going as planned....

As planned you ask?!?!?

yes... (insert drum roll here)


Once upon a time there was a girl.

A girl whose entire life seem to be taken over by food.

Now, she's not sure how it happened,

but it took over her life.

It would control her, consume her, claim to be her friend and then lie to her.

Than it began to steal.

It stole her joy. It stole her health. It stole her peace.

Now the girl is taking it all back.

The monsters are shut away.

No more does she have to do their bidding.

No more do they control her.

But she controls them.

She chooses what to eat.

She calls the shots. She says where and when and what.

And she does it all with joy.

She is more than a conqueror.

She has rebuilt her health.

She is stronger.

Her thoughts are clear.

Her heart is settled.

She has life and life abundant.

But victory doesn't come without a price...

or a plan.

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