Wednesday Aug 20


This morning went so brillantly!
I am pumped! Expectant! Encouraged!
All in all..... feeling that flutter of hope.

Morning are my weakest point.
Those short but powerful moments that seem to control the rest of my day.

Tired of waking up fatigued, with a foggy head, low moral, and discouraged I am rebuilding.

Coffee free for 2 days seems to help.
As well nettie pot is remarkable.
I flush in the morning and evenings with sea salt water. What a difference in my head! How much easier it seemed to get the ole head off the pillow instead of wanting to burry in in the pillow.

Sleeping with the sea salt lamp next to me as well.

Got my workout and devotional time all in before work....

Ahhhhh.... bring on Wednesday.....
I'm ready for ya

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