Sunday August 10, 2008

Summer is more than half over. My 60+ day juice fast seems a thing of the distant past.
This fast was such a deeply private, long awaited goal for me. It was something I thought would profoundly change, and sculpt me.

Perhaps, in many ways, it did. By faith it did.
I am believing things were pulled out of my body, toxic, deadly things and that my body has begun a journey to rebuild.
I am believing that I have changed somehow intrinsically spiritually, that something has “shifted” but to be blunt, I don’t see it right now.

Life still seems par-the-course as it were.

I miss the fast. Everything was simpler then, clearer. And I do hope to do another. But I don’t know if now is the time.

It was almost to easy. Indeed, life was easy on the fast. And now here I sit. Appearingly, the same Jo.
So now what. This journey with food has not ended. It has become a profound tool from God for me. Opening up things in me that were once hidden from my sight. Things that go far beyond food.

Because honestly, life comes and soon it goes. There is more too it than an over anylitical relationship with my dinner plate.
But an unexamined life is not worth living.
And God in His brillance, has used this to show me, me. The good, the bad, the ugly.
Perhaps, that is not why I am done yet. This entire walk with my mouth and my belly goes far beyond calories and fat grams.
It is something that once controlled and stole from me. It held me in bondage. And now with prayer and the power of God, step by step, what was in darkness is being brought into the light.

So what path now, God?

A scrap of paper has floated around my house for months now, hap-hazardly scribbled on it a thought that I thought worth keeping.

“Eating with intelligence and excellence.”

A thought that has intrigued me.
Is there another way besides just stuffing things in your mouth at the refrigerator door, when I want to cry?

Intelligence and excellence….

I have devoted the past 6 years of my life, studying, learning, reading, absorbing all I could find about natural health.
I’m certain that could qualify as “intelligence”….

But what is excellence……

This, I believe is my next walk…

I need to discover and perfect with precision, my own personal excellence.

Because a life left unexamined is not a life worth living.

I will start by sharing some of my dreams…..

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