Thursday June 19, second sowing day 11

Good Morning one and all,
I am back!

So sorry for the lul.
Been a bit crazy around here.

First a general update, I guess.

Day 11 is starting off gorgeous.
I have been waking up WIDE AWAKE most days around 5 am or so consistently.
Usually in bed around 11 or 12. So it seems I am needing less sleep.

I have returned to concocting my hemp/ sf seed mylk in the morning. It is so full of energy, I keep going all day.

Spirulina, photoplankton and cracked chorella are a large staple of this fast.

Spring greens up now. ALot of them are making their way into my juice now, but lwould ike to work more into my diet. Time to get out and harvest them from my yard seems to be the issue.
or maybe just laziness.

12 days without coffee.
Getting on the rebounder or tramp every day, such an awesome w/o.... achey legs.... means that muscle is building.

Supplimenting in the evening with a few tablespoons of coconut oil, soaked fenugreek or fennel seeds. My GI system has gone thru alot lately, with a recent 55 day fast and I would like to keep a bit of fibre moving thru.

Now onto the more weightier issues of the day...

Holy Spirit is doing amazing work in the ones I love.

I have seen incredible break thrus that I know would never have happened except for work done first in the spirit realm thru the word and prayer.

I am thankful beyond all measure.
I have been given opportunities that I only dreamed would be possible.
My joy is overwhelming

God is above all faithful to his word.

I am standing here, watching him draw his children back to himself, watching him change hearts, and set the captives free.

But its not done. I am hanging on.
I will keep pressing in.

I take myself back to the what if...

What if I finish this?

WHat if I press in?

Soon we shall know.....

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