Step 2~

Now that we have determined where we eat.
How about HOW we eat!!!

Yes, basic rules for how. Guaranteed to put the ky-bosh on compulsive munchies, grazing and unintelligent eating.

Thats what we are and thats how we'll eat!

Chew, chew, chew, chew.... while you are sitting at the table, on your butt, with your fork and knife!
Yes, you sound like a train. But chew. Grandma use to say 100 times a bite.
Thats not bad advice. So CHEW
Dr Jessen says at least until the mouthful is completely liquefied.
Digestion begins in the mouth
Especially for the carbs.

We chew. We give thanks, we sit, we taste and chew.
We let the digestive enzymes begin their glorious job so we don't have a rock in our belly in half an hour.

Then we rest. Between bites, we rest.

I actually need to make myself put the fork down and count to 10 otherwise I turn into a wild woman. Something similar to an anteater, with my face in my food slurping.

Is there someone at the table with you?
Then talk to them! (not with your mouth full!)
Engage! Listen to them.
The meal is not just about getting that plate licked clean the fastest!

Its an event!
An intelligent excellent event.

So we chew, we swallow, we wait....one, two, three, four (ughhhh... its too hard) five, six (you can do it, yes you can!) seven, (I'm not gonna make it.... I.... WANNA..... ) eight....(PIGOUT!!!!!!!) nine (hanging............) TEN!!!

YIPEE!!!! Another bite! Do you taste that?
Have you ever tasted so many flavors so vibrantly before???

No company at dinner?
Thats ok too.

Pray! God is good company

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