Step 3- The When

The when is my achiles heel!
Moi! ex-compulsive, grazer, binger, emotional eater.
To make myself format into a WHEN was a wrestle.
Still is a wrestle.

Truth be told. There are times when we are convinced only food will make everything better.
And we want it better RIGHT NOW
But giving into the RIGHT NOW gives over your control
No, not right now.
You wait. That monster within waits.
You wait until you are awake in the morning.
Get up, watch the sunrise, gather your thoughts.... exhale and speak over your day.

Were not dashing to the fridge with our eyes half shut. No more of that.

It is the furthest from our first thoughts.

One big glass of lemon water and thoughts of thanks.

That is our morning.

So when do we eat during our day?

Rules of food combining~ 4 hours after protien, before a carb

3 hours after carb~ before a protien

1 hour after fruit

Never less than 2 hours before bed.

The bulk of my success (or failure) has hinged on these three steps. Where I eat, how I eat and when I eat.

When you keep yourself aware of this, the WHAT you eat is of less importance.

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