Well, its Sunday, and I am certainly not disappointed.

My 6 day peel has definitely kicked into high drive.

I am officially a flake!

I tried to get daughter #2 to get a good shot of it on the cam so I can post it but it doesn't show up clearly.

No big chunks of skin coming off. Thankyou Jesus. But a consistent, thin peeling all over.

I can feel it. I want to scratch. And my face is tight. It reminds me of an egg white mask, can't smile, can't raise your eyebrows, laughing out loud just feels weird.

Its noticeable but only when you get up close and personal. I think this is because of the consistency of the peeling. Very nice that way.

Did get a couple second glances at church this morning, but no one seemed to terribly concerned that I had leprosy or anything.

Off to put on todays session of " normalizing creme ".
We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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