Hanging On To Get Thru

Four weeks and it shows no sign of stopping.

It has been an absolute whirlwind of a month.

A funeral, an engagement: a mourning, a celebration, and everything inbetween.

Days have been speeding past: sleep has been sporadic.

There have been high-end break-downs and emotional melt-downs.

Deadlines screaming.

The “to do” list is growing exponentially

And now the holidays are here on top of it all.

The rushing, the eating, the smiling, small-talking and mingling.

Can I come up for air, yet?

Has this been your story?

Maybe even just a little roughly chiseled chunk out of your life once upon a time?

It happens, it will happen…

Life as you know it, totally unforeseen, completely unexpected sweers violently this way and that.

You saw no seatbelt sign flashing.

Would somebody stop this train!!

Stress! Getting thru it will happen, the roller coaster will stop.

The question is how will you look at the other end?

DISCLAIMER: Remember, I am a food coach, I talk in food.

It is my personal drug of choice so it is also the most effective teaching tool God uses for me.

If you have a different type of measuring stick in your life, this still applies.

If I have been able to put a few thoughts coherently together in this recent blur it is this:

Hanging on to get thru.

Rule Number One~ Believe you will get thru.

The ride will end.


The night is always darkest before the dawn and the ride will end.

You are an overcomer and overcomers have to come over things. No other way to get that title as far as I can see.

Rule Number Two~ be on your side. You have to be your own best friend

Yup, give yourself grace. I don’t think anyone has higher standard for themselves than me.

But if I’m not making my mark in unusual circumstances maybe, just maybe, it’s ok to cut myself some slack.

Didja cheesecake at the company Christmas party? Let it go, and stop kicking yourself (yes, you know who you are…)

If God can give me grace, I best learn how to give myself grace.

Number Three~ Remember there is a time for your dreams.

Keep dreaming. It keeps you breathing.

There is always a “further up and further in” and even if there is no strength right now,

Keep that picture in your heart. It will fuel its own fire.

Without vision we perish. Period. See yourself out of your “now”.

Four~ Take “you” time. In the comings and the goings; the deadlines; the “have too’s” find YOU.

Get alone with You. Everything else, no matter how “in your face” it is, has to go to the side. Find a way. Do not neglect you.

You need to do constant, thorough check-ups on yourself. How are you REALLY? No time for martyrs here. Do not give yourself up for “the cause”. If you need critical care, give it to yourself.

Finally, rule Five if you are in a state of unexpected and out of control bedlam~

Remember rule Two about being your own best friend? Yes, best friend’s love unconditionally. Yes, best friends give grace. But best friends also know when to kick your keester. A cheesecake Christmas may be forgivable. But if it keeps up until March, we gotta problem. (Please, feel free to substitute “cheesecake” for whichever personal comfort you may use~ remember, I talk in “food”)

Don’t stay in your train wreck. Love yourself more than that. You wouldn’t let anyone else you love stay there.

It maybe all you know right at this moment, but right now is temporary.

It is passing. January is coming. The time when the dreams take flight.

Very Merry Christmas.

Always remember Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

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