Jo's off on a new adventure.
A 6 day peel... its spose to make me a beauty queen!
Well.... perhaps not, but still an awesome product for refining skin, removing fine wrinkles, what not and so forth.
The promotional material is certainly nothing short of impressive.

So, of we go.

The regime consists of apply a peeling cream 4 nights for 90 minutes. It is them removed without soap or water, I used just a face cloth. A "nourishing" cream is used for the following 2 days.

There seems to be a bit of heat and itch for the first 20 minutes the mask is applied but this is normal. And I'm certain I can still smell it on my face the next day. Every now and again I'll get a sudden subtle whiff of something "medicinal" smelling.

Today is the morning after my second application, my skin is a little tight , dry, and red. I think I noticed a bit of peeling starting on my chin.

I'm quite anxious to get this show on the road.
I am also trying a bit of the peel on a small, thirty year old, abdominal surgical scar.
Im interested to see if it makes a difference.
Who knows, by this time next week, I may very well be new woman!

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