Tomorrow is Jo's Juicing Jumble day 2!
And Summer and Mine "Mommy & Girlie spa/detox day"

So I'm brewing up some scrumptious healing soup.
Typically when I juice... I juice.
Juice is raw, live and restoring and nothing can beat it.

But I do admit to being the corner cutting queen when I must.
I always keep a pot of cleansing broth handy.
It warms me if the detox chills hit, and its fast if I don't have time to juice.

This recipe is simple and strong:
  • Several potatoes with peels intact (or just the peels)
  • Several carrots
  • lots of onions and garlic
  • celery
  • sea salt
  • parsley
  • a couple pieces of kelp (the odd green chunks on top)
  • cinnamon, cayenne, turmeric and a slice of ginger
This will simmer for a few more hours, then I will reserve the broth and compost the rest.
Healing soup should never be boiled. Just simmer on low until your ready for it

You have no idea how good the house smells right now!

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