Reminiscing Another Year

I dug thru my files and found my very first newsletter.
Written January 21, 2008

Do believe me when I tell you it was written with fear and trembling.
I am so thankful to have spoken into so many of your lives the past 12 months.
Bumping out my 2009New Years resolutions/regrets/fears brought my heart back to this .

God give us eyes to truly see how we have grown for the better.


Well, here it is, as promised, my first newsletter.

You are receiving this because we have crossed paths somewhere along the line, either personally, professionally or www.naturalfoodcoach.com

If we haven’t or do not wish to receive this, please reply with “unsubscribe”.

You will be taken off with my deepest apologizes. Rest assured your name would never be shared with any other mailing list.

For all you who have managed to drudge to the end of this, thank you, and I appreciate your feedback.

Especially regarding the graphics and load up time, etc…

I will try to keep the length pleasurable.

It is my heart to encourage you, focus you and challenge you. (All in under 300 words! YES!!! A challenge for me)

After all, if you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?

So without more words… here we go…

It seems we have yet another day of importance to add to our already busy calendars… the dreaded Blue Monday

According to a mathematical equation first devised by Dr Cliff Arnall, former lecturer at Cardiff University, Blue Monday marks the start of the final full week in January when people experience a series of combined depressive effects.

The equation calculates that the third Monday of the New Year, this year January 21, is officially the worst day of the year.

The Christmas glow has faded away, New Year’s resolutions have been broken, cold winter weather has set in and credit card bills will be landing on doormats across the land - whilst the January pay-check is still one week away

People hit an all time high in feeling the lows.

I was made uncomfortably aware of my Blue Monday.

I seem to have met every qualifier, from the bills to the broken resolutions.

And although, my nature is more the “pull the covers up over your head and deal with it tomorrow” type, something rose up in me tonight that reminded me that the things I want, I must go get.

I, and no one else.

Folks, lets not forget, all things are within our reach.

What ever you see in your spirit, whatever dreams are in your heart, regardless of what color your Monday was, get yourself back up and go.

You can do this…

Whether we are losing weight, rebuilding health, pursuing a new career or just trying to organize the house….

You will conquer this.

You are victorious.

There was nothing magical about January 1st!

Don’t buy the lie that if you didn’t keep your commitment and resolution, that bus is not coming your way for another 364 days.

And all we can do now is sit on the curb and wait.

All you need is dwelling inside in this moment.

Let that still small voice rise up, bring His peace upon you, refocus and regroup.

The key is in consistency.

Consistent- KEY!!

Step by step. We will walk this path, folks.

Where ever it is taking you.

Take one more deep breath…

Set your sights on the finish line. You will arrive.

We may have had a blue Monday, but thank God the mercies are new every Tuesday.



Nutrition consultant & coach

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