When You Fast.....

I think its interesting that when Jesus taught his disciples he said "When you fast..."
Not "if you fast".

Now I'm not so sure about you, but if Jesus thought it was important enough to make it a command. Then I'd better give it some credence.

When you change things in the spirit. You change things in the natural.
Jesus knew this all to well.

My natural needs some changing. The natural of my loves needs some changing.
And there is an entire world of complete strangers who's natural needs some changing.

I love the fast.
It slows me down.
(tee hee... where ever do I come up with these things?)

But when all of IT becomes too close, and I have strayed too far...
The fast will draw me back to HIM.

So everyone raise your glass of celery/spinach/apple juice and lets welcome the new year and a new adventure!

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