MOMENTS~ Thursday, January 29

How long has it been??

Shy of 2 weeks... ah... cr@p... this week is killing me.

I'm sure the better thing would be is to flat out lie to you all, tell you I'm having a wonderful time, wish you were here.
But these last four days or so sucked.

I think its the freeky cold. Hard to motivate, hard to dream, just want COMFORT!!

And of course, for emotional eaters.... comfort means food.

So I've been slouching by... juicing, miso, nice warm coconut milk..... and a daily spoonful of coconut oil and flaxseed. I dunno, i think I thought the fat would keep me warm.... sigh....

honestly I want to quit.
This entire past week has just reminded me of how much compulsion can still rule and reign if I let it. I can so easily become an emotional juicer if I let it. But does that really kill the beast.

Nope, the agenda remains the same. Lets deal with it.
I am realizing my flesh screams when I'm juicing and when its fed. Its never happy no matter what I seem to do.

Nope, I control it, it will not control me.

I never want to "wonder what if".

I want to know..... if I do this....
If I can help one other.....

I know your out there~ desperate for health, wishing you weren't led around like a dog on a leash. Doing the things you know to do, not the things you wish you wouldn't.

yup... there is a way there.

Ears open, eyes up, heart kneeled.... this is really happening, and life will transform.

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