MOMENTS~ Friday, January 30, 09

Dear Jo,

Just dropping you a little note to let you know to expect more from me.
Jo, this has been the roughest week of a fast you have ever had, mentally, spiritually.
Shocked you didn't it? You really thought that after developing a nice little resume of fasts, that you were in for no more surprises...

surprise...... Jo, just know that this one is going deep. Its looking at all those ugly things, those tuff questions that are going to take you to the new place.
Rejoice Jo. This is awesome.
Don't forget your Maker, and that your strength comes out of those moments with Him.
It all must come out of moments with Him. Everything

Tomorrow is a fresh day. You will start your liver cleanse and your lemonaide cleanse.
Take advantage of every moment to rest and restore your spirit. Keep sitting with those dreams and promises. Speak them out. Give them life. The authority is in your mouth.

Eyes up Jo, this is your greatest adventure ever.


As a food coach, i spend so much time speaking life into others who sit where I do now.
Maybe its time I start listening to myself and taking my own advice.
I am doing awesome, and I deserve a high five.
My goal tomorrow... do better than today.

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