MOMENTS~ January 28, Wednesday

The week was stretcher.... augh....
why am I doing this... I sit and I try to grasp my reasonings, but still my self is hollaring enough, enough....
Would life be better if I was licking that muffin batter spoon? The mashed potatoes? My mother's stuffing.....
nope, I have fallen for this logic time and time again... nope.
My arguements are not unique by anymeans. I know myself so well. Unfortunately, on the flip side of things, I know myself so well to know what is the best way to undermine myself.
I want to do this.
I want to know.
I want to be able to stand victoriously on the end of my goal and know it was done, and it was done well with excellence and integrity.
I've had two dreams in the past couple days about a fella I'm in prayer for.
Not encouraging dreams by any means.
What if people hadn't stood in the gap for me?
What if saints hadn't done warfare for me?
Would I be here?
The battle is real and some of these things only come out thru fasting and prayer.
Nope, I don't want to miss a thing. I don't want to wonder what if.
By grace ... we refocus, regroup and walk in strength that is not my own.

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