Alrighty, adding one more Options for all you Fast-Watchers....

THE VERDICT... ta da!~

To break this whole ordeal down nicely we have~

  • THE MECHANICS~ where I'll give you the technical play by play of what I'm juicing, what I'm doing
  • THE MOMENTS~ my profound or not so profound encounters with myself and God while fasting
  • THE VERDICT~ my weekly synopsis of whether I really think the past week was worth my effort and the results I've noticed....
My oh my... this certainly is becoming quite organized isn't it??

Alright... on with it then.... VERDICT WEEK ONE~~

Feeling pretty awesome about it all.
The biggest difference I've noticed is in sleeping habits. I've been waking up easily by 5
BIG BIG improvement right there.

Seems a little bit of "bloat" has moved from my middle as some tighter pants do up much easier.

Still passing debris in the colon cleanse... exactly how much cr@p is up there me wonders??

The biggest difference I've noticed however is that the slight mucous drizzle that I've always had is gone~~~ almost 100%!!
This is unbelievable to me, as it has been there as long as I can remember, even thru previous fasts. The only thing I can attribute this too is the daily sitz baths.
They are the only thing I have added that I hadn't before.......

Guess, we'll see whats what next week at this time....

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