MECHANICS~ Saturday, January 24

So much for feeling ahead of the game.....
Last night I feel asleep on the couch about 9 and stayed there until 9;30 the next morning.

Rush, rush, rush off to work...

Lunch at work was my first "meal". Barley greens and oj.

Lots of detox tea, and yes... I must confess... a cup of coffee.

It was a small... my motive was driven out of curiosity than the feel of "need".
The verdict... I dumped 3/4 of it... tasted funny....

Home now... to lazy to juice, its already 9:30.
One hot sweat bath, dry brush, colon cleanse and sitz bath.

Sipping fennel & fenugreek tea.

The evening is lovely, and I'm feeling fresh, focused and full.

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