MECHANICS~ Feb 6, Friday

I have not been excited like this, since the beginning of this adventure.

It has been close to 3 weeks, 3 absolutely roller coaster weeks, and my focus and fervor is rekindling quickly.

Even as I sit here, there is a bonfire building inside....

This journey is not ending this week, folks, that much I know.

And I really do believe that because this may been one of the most complicated and awkward juice fasts, I've done, it is because it will be the one to bring the greatest results. What relief beyond description.

I can't wait~

But that is for another post.....

We're all about the MECHANICS here.

Today, looked very much like a Masters Cleanse regime. Lemon juice and cayenne.

However, I have found a trick that seems to, in theory work.

My hardest moment is walking in the door when I get home late.

I have keep my juicer out on the counter ready for me and veggies cleaned and prepped in the fridge.
This has helped my internal argument about it beening soooooo hard to juice when its late and I'm tired....

But I also keep miso soup warmed in a slow cooker all day so when i get home it is INSTANTLY ready AND SNUGGLY WARM!!!!

The house smells delic too! So much nicer walking in the door.

Rest of the day was dry skin brush, colon cleanse, sweat bath, 10 minutes sitz bath and 20 minutes rebounder.

Dug out the pedometer ~ the goal? 20 thousand steps......

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