HELLO!!!!!!! I've MISSED YOU, my pretties!!!!!!


just a quick fly by here while I'm at work, (shhh... don't tell the boss man)

We have contracted a VIRUS......

... da, da, da, duuuuuuuum........
No not us but SPIFFY the PUTER;

So she has been detoxing in the hospital; and I am hoping all to be well by the weekend.
(otherwise I will be "puter-detoxing"... not a pretty sight)

So much to tell.
So many rambles...
I wish I could get some Star Trek Brain Sucker to zap all my thoughts and put them
into cyber type.

Darling Beloved is back and attempting to wine & dine me.
I'm afraid he does not share my juicing passion...

I so proudly sat him down and told him all my accomplishments while he was gone,
but just to have a stone looking back at me.

mR StoNE fAce has definitely been a challenge and a heart break

Not so much to conform and convince him...
altho I do have concerns as I sit across the table and watch him devouring
potential death....

But a challenge within me....

How do I make my lifestyle choices pertinent to my reality?

How do I stand for what I have chosen to be necessary for my life?
quietly, but firmly...

Where is the balance? Can there be a balance?
Do I need to balance?
A heart break because,
the greatest opposition that I know is in myself....

I am so aware of the weeny teeny rebellious part that desires my own destruction,
and is willing to use any teeny weeny innocent-by-stander as the catalyst.

That includes my Beloved
mR sTOneFacE

If I cannot represent all that I know to be valid and powerful in me while in front of him,
than who am I really?
Am I really real?
And as you who read my randoms know by now...
That is my desire, to become the real thing...
your Natural Food Coach, who preaches what she practices.


I remused my INTRO up top.....

what started out as a 50 day juice fast has morphed into a
life altering journey....
With God's grace, I will never be
the same...
I know I have been blogging my juicing adventures,
everyone looooves to read about a long, passionate fast....

and I will update soon....

But I needed to remind myself that this blog is not about the juice"event" per say~

I've done juice fasts; I've done wonderful, glorious, health restoring juice fasts,
and I love them!!!!!

but real life is in the slow steady change when what the fast "represents",
really becomes who I am.


mR sTonEFaCE
you are letting God use you to teach me...
I am seeing further within myself.
I am becoming who I was designed to be before the foundations of the world!


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