I love this Internet Blog stuff!!
This is absolutely CYBERLY CRAZY!
Japan! Sweden! Denmark! Ireland!
Your are all HERE!!


This is such an honour to me.

Thank You! Thank You! And THANK YOU!!!

I am a very scrutinizing surfer myself and I immensely appreciate what it means to have captivated your attention!

Are you here to learn and to thrive?

Natural Food, Natural Health, Natural Remedies, Juicing, Fasting, Colon Health, Eating Disorders, Disease Prevention and recovery..

It can all happen with some Simple Solutions that Make Sense!

Lets learn to use food as a tool and not a weapon against ourselves.

And then lets wrap it all up in a big ribbon of faith!

Yes, It can be you!
You can be free, healthy and vibrant!

I am working very hard to present this all in an immensely useful forum to you.

However, as you will so keenly notice we are indeed in BEDLAM!

I have been readjusting the format and the learning curve is one wild ride!

Remember, I'm a Food Coach not a geek!
We have been busy as little bees over here, trying to redesign and get valuable information up and out for you!

Tell me? What do you think so far?
Its quite the change, do you like it?

But I still need YOUR HELP and it would be immensely appreciated!

I really want to know where you's all at.

Whats your palate's pet peeve?

What your goal?

What are you struggles?

What BROUGHT YOU HERE? And did you find it??

This post first started off as my place to ramble on my first 50 day fast.

But now I would like to very much hand it over to you!

Please post your thoughts, questions and comments.

I would very much love to get to know you! YES YOU!

Lets put our head together on this..

Tell me, please... WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU!?!?!?

Aside from the comment boxes, you will notice several handy dandy options~

*One is to become a FOLLOWER of the Site.
That means you are contacted every time something new and fabulous is posted!

*You can also subscribe Via a RSS Feed and have the new fabulous posts sent right to you with a smile!
Very Fun Stuff!

Keeping you informed and saving you wear and tear on your fingers with all that extra clicking.

*If we need to chat privately, by all means, my email link is there, or even better, drop me a note right now!

*Natural Food Coach.com has a "monthly" newsletter which will take you by surprise.
"Encouraging", "Refocusing", and "Bringing you right back to Center" are words used to described this crazy endeavor!

*Follow the subscription link for a monthly house call from YOUR NATURAL FOOD COACH!

Keep popping by to see the content growing and flowing.
Let YOUR NATURAL FOOD COACH know what interests you and where you need to grow and flow, and it will get it into your hands.

with immense thanks,

Joanne Smith
Your Natural Food Coach

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