Earaches and Tears

Beating Earaches With Home Remedies

As a natural food coach, I thrive off of moments to play doctor with my home remedies, and tonite we pulled all stops on a throbbing pain filled ear.

Let me share our victory over the archenemy Mr., Earache with you.

I’m certain there is nothing quite like the agony of an earache.

Earaches and ear infections can bring the toughest cookie to their knees.

I know because it happened to Your Natural Food Coach’s own cookie tonight.

Imagine if you will the most dangerously beautiful girl you have ever met.

That’s her, my daughter, Butch.

Actually, its Shastan but Butch seems to work for her.

A whopping 18 years old; ruby player, soccer star and track wiz.

Five foot two; one hundred and forty solid pounds. Not a part of this girl giggles. She’s a rock.

She is just finishing serving her first year in the Arm Forces.

She shoots big guns.

Remember, one tough cookie.

An earache took her out tonite. The pain was excruciating.

My big tuff GI Jane was an absolute crumpled ball in the front seat of my car.

Tears streaming down both her cheeks. “Mommy, make it stop!!!” She sobs.

How many of you know that when they call you “mommy”, no matter how old they are, you throw on your super mom cape and get prepared to move mountains.


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