Dry Skin Brushing~ Crazy Cheap, Effective, Fast Detox

I'm working my way thru my WILD AND GLORIOUS FORTYISH Makeover!

Basically, I challenged myself, 40 days before my Fortieth Birthday. I wanted to hunker down, put all the tricks, tweeks, and simple solutions that I have discovered over my years of walking into God's wonderful, natural health and jump start my new decade.
A fresh start, a fresh me, for a fresh era

But even cooler still, I'm dumping out my simple toolbox, and letting you play along side of me.

Today is trick number 2~ Dry Skin Brushing.

If I'm neeked, then I'm dry skin brushing.

It is so simple and all you need is a natural fiber skin brush.
But if you don't have that, even a towel will work

When perfectly disciplined, I brush when I get up, just before bed, and before my detox bath.

Remember, your skin is your not only your biggest organ, but your biggest elimination organ.
It is known to be responsible for 10 to 15% of total body elimination, and is sometimes referred to as the third kidney.

So, if we want to eliminate crud from our bod, we best not forget to love on our skin.

Dry Skin Brushing removes dead skin cells, so your body can remove waste.
It also stimulates new skin to regenerate.
It also enhances blood circulation, the lymphatic system, and toxin elimination

And after you are use to it, it really does feel wonderful.
It is a quick picker-upper, when you are starting to drag your feet.
Kind of like your own personal and private "on switch".
Many, many times, I'll take 3-5 minutes just to brush, and afterward I feel completely invigorated.

I had often wondered if it was just my crazy me imagining it brush away my worries , the power of suggestion and all, but after I read this wonderful article on chronic fatigue I have no doubt.


This is the most thorough step-by-step to dry skin brushing I know of.
You are welcome to follow it to the tee, if you like, when I do, I can tell a difference, but, life being life, more times than not, I'm on the run.

I've found a quicker brush to be just as glorious.
I've even began to notice that, making myself take the time for this ancient remedy, is possibly more powerful, when I feel I have even less time.

Strange perhaps, but there is untapped healing and freedom in the choice.
There is power when you choose to stop the whirlwind, saying "I may not have the 5 minutes but I CHOOSE to find the two"

It is a wee way of reminding yourself that yes; I am valuable, and I choose to invest in me.

Dry Skin Brushing is one of my most favorite treats, and definitely the one that gets the craziest looks from people I share with.

Is the age-old practice of Dry Skin Brushing too simple and primitive for our complex generation? Maybe.
But absolutely effective, invigorating and addictive in all the best ways.

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