Raw Foods First Step to Total Vibrant Change

I’ve started my 40-2-40 countdown, and wow, can time fly by when you are already feeling you don’t have enough hours in the day.
It’s almost as if the big cosmic clock winds itself into overdrive or the treadmill of life jump up a m/hr and the incline goes to the straight-up. (or any other cheezy word picture )

You know what I mean, Jelly Bean?
As soon as you set your heart on a goal, and all the forces in hell will try to undermine your victory.
Since leaping off this bridge, I have had an anniversary dinner, birthday dinners, out-of-the-blue, let-me-totally-spontaneously-bless-you dinners, crazy fatigue, sleepless nights, bouts of depression, discouragement and every undermining tactic in the book, throw under my feet.

Forces of hell don’t worry me much, however it’s those reoccurring nasty, ugly things that rise up inside me, my own stinking-thinking, and bad habits, that will do more damage than anything.
We will blog about those closet skeletons, soon, as I dust them all off.

But as I promised, my agenda for my Wild and Glorious Fortyish Make-Over.

Step by step, thought by thought, all my little secrets and tweeks that I have found along my road to grow my health.

These are the areas that I re-evaluate, first, when I want to take my health out of a rutt, and on to a higher place.

Things that I know bring success, and bring it quickly.
But (sigh..) things that are first to get pushed to the side and neglected in my health/freedom journey.

1. Raw Foods~
Just Google the benefits of raw foods, and the hits go crazy.
It is a principle that is finally coming into its own.
No longer just for hippies, tree-huggers, and extremists.
A diet high in raw fruits and veggies, is unequaled to increase health, detox the body and heal disease.
Experts and advocates of a raw food diet, challenge us to a diet of no less that 75% raw fruits and vegetables to see the change.

What I know is that it works for me.
I don’t know if there is a regime, “diet”, theory (call it what you will) that has ever been more successful in my life.
It has been a weapon to kill compulsions and food addictions I never thought would die.
I am free from eating disorders that haunted me for decades.
I feel better. My emotions don’t rule my life. I sleep better. I think clearer. That bloat is gone. My bowels do amazing things. My skin clears up. My cellulite disssolves. I never struggle with colds, flues, and allergies.

I’m a die-hard believer. Period

For anyone wanting to see fast changes, I absolutely challenge you to a raw food cleanse: all fruits and veggies, all raw, all the time.
You’ll never believe me till you try it for yourself.

Step number one, to catapult myself into my 40-2-40 challenge:
I aggressively become aware of my raw food ratio, and try to keep it at 100%.

As, I said, you can Google the subject till the free-range, organic cows come home, but here are some quick sites.
Hang tight, in a day or two, I’ll get some real powerful flabby- butt kicking resources into your hands that you won’t want to miss.

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