Eating your way out of the heartbreak

This is our last article on cardiovascular disease. We have looked at what exactly it is, in all its different dynamics, how it begins and who may be the culprits.

Now, its time for something practical. Many of you are living under the shadow of heart disease. You have either suffered through and are recovering or you can feel it sitting on your shoulder waiting for an opportune time to strike.

What do we put in our mouths tonight that will give our bodies a fighting chance?

Much of it is simple actually.
Just as Heart Disease developed over time, and many poor choices, one on top of the other. Reversing it will come the same way.

Day in and day out, making choices that give life to your body.

The first step would be to remove all the offending culprits that have contributed to putting you where you are. We mentioned these last time; white flour, white sugar, processed foods, and processed fats.

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